Retaining Length

This page is dedicated to share information on how to retain length with your natural hair. Hair is always growing, but if it is breaking off at the same rate it grows, then you are not retaining length. That's why protective styling is so important in retaining length.

1. Moisturize and seal your hair (especially the ends) at least once a day. I do this twice a day, because I find my hair dries out during the day.

2. Protective style so that your ends are protected from the fabric of your clothes. This is really important because if your hair is shoulder length, it will start rubbing against your collar and is one of the main reasons why hair breaks off. Protective styles such as twists, bantu knots, and buns are great for retaining length.

3. Trim your split ends. Or else they will travel up the strand and damage the rest of your hair. I do not trim my hair very often. Maybe twice a year, but I do search and destroys which includes just searching for splits and cutting them. 

4. Wash your hair regularly. Build-up on the hair and the scalp is NOT good. Do not be afraid of water ladies! It is your friend! If you find shampoos to be too drying, then you can conditioner wash, which helps retain moisture. 

5. Finger detangle instead of using combs. Combs have seams on their insides and that can strip the hair of the cortex which leaves the strand exposed to damage and therefore split ends. If you insist on using a comb, get a wide tooth comb and do it gently and patiently.

I hope these tips help! I will post more as I do more research!

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