Monday, August 20, 2012

Hennaing my twists right now!

Hello everyone,

On a whim, I decided to henna my hair. Not for the coloring benefits, but for the health benefits. It is said to strengthen the hair and loosen the curl pattern (which reduces fairy knots). I am now sitting under the dryer for the next 20 minutes or so because I don't have much time, but I will have been under for a total of 40 minutes or so. I hope that's enough. I will then follow up with a co-wash with a moisturizing conditioner (HEHH in my case) because henna is said to dry the hair, and will moisturize with my spritz mix. I have a dance class, so I don't have much time! I really want my hair to be stronger so that I can retain as much length as possible!

I will take pictures of the results a bit later!


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