Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rant about men and natural hair...

I personally have never gotten criticism about my natural hair. I once had a boyfriend who said he preferred straight hair, but then I dropped him like a hot tamale. LOL. If you don't like my natural hair, GET TO STEPPIN'. Anyways, I just don't understand why men don't like the way our hair grows out of our heads. Maybe because it's going against the European standard of beauty, but I think it's more than that. It just seems to elicit a visceral reaction of disgust from some men, and it bothers me! My ex-boyfriend who I broke up with because of that straight hair comment told one of my friends (who just went natural and was rocking a TWA style) to GO BACK TO AFRICA! I mean REALLY??? Who says that?? You may think it, but swallow your words. Why do some black men feel disgusted by the way our hair grows and acts? It just makes absolutely NO sense to me at all. I was reading an article about how people were tweeting about Gabby Douglas' hair, and I was like "go out and get a gold medal in gymnastics and see if your hair stays in place!!" her hair looked just like the other white girls' hair- slicked back in a ponytail with clips to tame flyaways. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT??? People (especially black men) need to go back to their roots and change their feelings about what really is beautiful! Yes, straight hair is beautiful, no denying that. BUT so is curly hair, coily hair, and kinky hair!!! If you want to wear your hair straight one day, then go ahead and straighten it. But don't have your only motive be to feel "beautiful". Your natural hair IS beautiful. And plus, I always say wear your natural hair out and if you attract a guy, then he's the right one. He's attracted to you for who YOU ARE, not because your hair is straight. I once met a guy who really liked me for my hair and the statement I was making for all black women out there. Now that I mention it, why am I not with him!?!? lol. I'll have to give him a call.

Now don't get me wrong, I know lots of men who absolutely LOVE my natural hair. It's just the ignorance that really gets to my core and makes me worry about humanity. How can the ignorant black men out there be so cruel to their sisters? That's the lowest they can get in my opinion. What do you guys think? Give me your opinions!


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