Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Straightening hair once it gets long

Hello everyone!

I was wondering what your opinions are on stopping protective styling once your hair reaches a certain length. I plan on straightening my hair more often once it hits APL because it that's when the ends stop rubbing on your clothes as much. I think I may keep my hair mainly in twists and maybe straighten every month in between twisting and keep that style for a couple of weeks. What do you guys think? I won't be able to moisturize and seal while my hair is straightened because it will get puffy, but I think I would like my straight hair since I haven't worn it straight in maybe 5-6 months. But while it is in the twists, I will moisturize and seal everyday. I also like the idea of straightening my hair because my hair LOVES to tangle upon itself when it is in its natural state (even stretched while in twists). Maybe that will actually PREVENT breakage by keeping it straight and keeping all the knots at bay. I would really appreciate your opinions on this!


  1. Hmm I think you have it a little mixed up... once your hair reaches APL thats when it rubs more onto you clothing and then ends need to be protected to prevent breakage. The hardest part of getting to APL is getting past it to BSL because of constant friction between the two.

    From a CN curlfriend!

  2. at SL it rubs even more on your collar though. this is from personal experience lol.