Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ever realize how much your hair has grown? :). Happy post!

I pulled my twists into a french roll last night to stretch them out for this morning. When I let my twists down, I realized that they were brushing the collar of my sweater. I did a little happy dance and proceeded to moisturize and seal. That made them shrink and fatten up a bit, which was good because they are now only touching the fabric a bit. Can't stand breakage due to factors I can change! Anybody realize how much their hair has grown one day? My hair has grown maybe an inch since coming to UPenn. I thought that my breakage that I wrote about earlier was jacking up my progress, but I guess not! Just two more inches to APL! SO EXCITED! My ultimate goal is APL (which some people think is short, but I just want my hair to be able to do lots of things), but if it grows longer then I won't cut it or anything.

I love the versatility of my hair in twists. I can just do so much with them while protecting my hair! Some things I can do with it are:

Down styles
Half-up half-down
French rolls
any updo style (50s retro is my favorite!)
bantu knots/knot outs (love this on my bang!)
and lots lots more!

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