Monday, July 16, 2012

Missing my twists :-(

I miss my twists so much! They are so easy to handle and moisturize. I am currently wearing a puff that doesn't look great on me. I usually like my hair down. I will schedule an appointment for this week sometime, but I have a BUSY BUSY week. I go to New York next monday, so I am on a time crunch! Tomorrow I have work, wednesday I have work, thursday i have work, and Friday i have, ONCE AGAIN, work. No free time at all, I'm afraid.

By the way, I mixed my first deep conditioner using Ayurvedic powders, natural oils, and conditioner. I mixed shikakai (for cleansing, I won't be shampooing my hair), brahmi (for strength and conditioning), castor oil, grapeseed oil, and almond oil. I also mixed HEHH and NTM daily deep conditioner. I hope this works! I will put this on as a pre-poo/deep conditioner on dry/damp hair and then conditioner wash it out if there is grit still in my hair.

Any ideas for any other deep conditioner mixes? What do you guys use?



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