Sunday, July 8, 2012

Morgan's Regimen

My Regimen so far!

1. In the morning I spritz my hair with my braid spray and infusium-23 repair and renew mix
2. Seal with grape seed oil or Wonder 8 oil, depending on whether I run out of grape seed. I need to order some more offline!
3. At night I follow the same first two steps and put on a sleep cap.
4. I wash my hair every three weeks with a sulfate shampoo because my twists get really dirty. I am trying to incorporate weekly co-washes with cheapie conditioners like Suave Naturals, which have pretty good ingredients and slip. My favorite is the apple flavor! Yum!
5. As of now (TBD), I deep condition once every three weeks, but I want to change that to bi-weekly. I deep condition with NTM Daily Deep Conditioner. Sit under a heating cap for 30 mins then rinse. I need to find another one with more natural ingredients though, just because I don't like silicone build-up. YUCK.
6. Light silicone spray after washes to reduce frizz, any product ideas? Garnier Fructis has had good results for me in the past.
7. Leave-in conditioner ??? Maybe a watered down conditioner like my HEHH mixed with water.
8. *maybe* protein treatment every 6-8 weeks to retain moisture in my hair. or even infusium repairologie or moisturologie products….i will look into those as potentials!

Any other suggestions ladies?



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