Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oil Massages and Ayurvedic Deep Conditionings

Hey everyone!

I am going to start doing daily oil massages just to see how it affects my growth. Adding stimulation to the scalp everyday will help activate your follicles more and therefore help with growth (hopefully). Everybody is different however. I just received almond oil, castor oil, and grape seed oil (my favorite) in the mail. I will also be receiving avocado oil soon! I will switch off oils every two weeks to see which one affects my hair health for the better.

I also will start deep conditioning my hair overnight with a cheapie conditioner mixed with ayurvedic powders (amla, shikakai, and neem) to see if it strengthens my hair. I know I am experimenting a lot with my hair, but I still need to know what it likes and doesn't like! I also need to buy a new shampoo. I don't care about sulfates really, because I will only be doing it every so often. Do you guys have any ideas? What do you think about the ayurvedic powders? Should I add them to conditioner or just mix it with water and/or oil and see what happens?

Your comments are greatly appreciated!


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