Thursday, July 12, 2012

Taking a break from the twists?

Hi everyone!

I think I am going to take a break from my staple style: my two strand twists!! I want to start wearing chunky twist outs everyday, which means twisting my hair every night. I just love the look of them! I also will get the chance to try out my ayurvedic oils and products without the frizz (by applying at night before twisting) and see where that takes me. If I get tired of the twist outs, I will wear a french roll, which is easy for my length of hair (two inches past collarbone). I think I will try this for three weeks and see if I get any major growth from the ayurvedic products and also the MSM I started taking. I am looking for a good boost of growth because I really want to hit APL by next January or February! What are your thoughts? Too much manipulation for my hair? I would appreciate your input!!!


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