Saturday, July 7, 2012

Frizzy Two Strand Twists!

I have a serious problem! I got my hair two strand twisted last Friday and it's gotten sooo frizzy! I like the look of older two strand twists, but this frizz is out of control. I usually keep my twists in for three weeks, but I think that I can only deal with two or maybe two and a half, then wear a twist out for a few days. I tie my hair down every night and spritz it with braid spray and infusium and seal with grapeseed oil. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Maybe not enough holding gel? My stylist used something different this week and I feel like my last twist installment had better hold.

Question #1: What holding gel do you use? Usually when im twisting my own hair, I use Ecostyler olive oil gel.

Question #2: How do you moisturize and seal without disturbing the twists too much? Should I put the oil and water-based moisturizers in the same spritz bottle? My only worry with that is that the oil might go on before the moisturizer and it will jut sit on top of my hair without any moisturizing properties.


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