Sunday, July 8, 2012

Retaining length through deep conditioning with twists

I just realized how I am going to keep my twists in for three weeks without getting them too frizzy! I will spritz to moisturize with my water, infusium, and braid spray mix, then I will start sealing with a silicone spray mixed with my usual grape seed oil. I think this may work and i will also incorporate a sleeping cap that is not a bonnet, but keeps the twists flat to my head. This way I can just spray and fluff in the morning. I hope this works because I feel like I have nothing left to do. I don't mind my twists shrinking at all, but I like to keep them stretched to decrease the probability of getting single-strand knots. 

I will also need to implement some kind of deep conditioning regimen because my hair might be in need of a more intense moisture treatment. I packed a 3 oz. tube of Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner just to try that out. I think i will buy a stocking cap so that I can wash and not worry about my twists getting frizzy. Or I can do it between installments, but I feel like once every three weeks is a long time. What do you think? Along with twice daily moisturizing and sealing, is deep conditioning once every three weeks enough? I know lots of ladies who religiously do it every week, which is what I used to do when I had a TWA. I want to retain lots of my length, so maybe weekly is the way to go. I need your input!

Speaking of retaining length, I think that maybe once monthly to every 6 weeks I should be doing a protein treatment. My hair gets dry easily and I think it's because my hair doesn't have enough protein to lock the moisture in my hair. I bought a few packs of the Aphogee 2-step treatment and the balancing moisturizing conditioner because my hair was feeling extra mushy and was too elastic for my taste. I might do that treatment soon. I hope this prevents my breakage immensely, because I have been seeing a few broken hairs even just with moisturizing and sealing in the morning. 

I used to use castor oil as my sealant because it is a heavier oil than grape seed. But I think that the heaviness of the oil was pulling on my hair too much when I rubbed it onto the length of my hair, and I think that lead to breakage in the past. The grape seed oil helps solve that problem because it is so light and is very nourishing. It makes my hair really soft and supple until I need to moisturize again at night. 

I am on a flight now with nothing to do but write, lol. I definitely should've brought some kind of entertainment besides my computer. It just has articles on schizophrenia for my research job at UPenn and some Facebook photos. They oughta change that rule about Wifi, or at least let us put our phones on airplane mode so that we can listen to music. I have been on planes where there is Wifi and it is so fun! I don't know why they haven't translated it to all airlines, which sucks.

If you want to follow me on youtube, my username is itcomesnaturally93. Me and my friend did a segment on natural hair FAQ's that people may have about natural hair in general. I don't know if it's very informative, but I thought it came out pretty well. :). If you want to follow me on twitter, my username is @morganmizell93 and I will start tweeting about natural hair and quick tips on how to keep your hair healthy! I will also be starting a fotki to document my progress, even though I sort of do it on here. I just want to become a member so that I can see what other people's regimens look like and maybe tweak mine a bit.

 Happy hair journeys ladies!


  1. Are you undoing your twists daily for a twist out or just keeping them twisted? I would be careful with applying so much product, you don't want build up or a film on your hair from the daily application.

    One way I found to maintain stretched twists is to pull them back in a low slung bun nightly and tie a scarf on my head to try and keep the frizzy's away, or I use Naptural85's (on youtube) method of stretching them every which way across my head and pinning them with bobby pins. This has worked wonders for maintaining twists!


  2. Hey! Thanks for your response!

    Oh no, I don't manipulate my hair on a daily basis. I keep my ends protected with the twists every day for 2-3 weeks! I stretch my twists out by either braiding them or putting them in a french twist (the french twist works the best for me).

    You may be right about the products I add to my hair. I could maybe just seal every other day because I find that the grapeseed oil doesnt really penetrate my hair, so it's still kind of oily. And then keep spray moisturizing twice a day to hydrate my hair.

    Thanks for your great advice!!